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Offering experienced litigation, advocacy, and other legal services tailored to challenging cases and complex needs.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (nicknamed “Cream City” due to the buff yellow color of the original local brick used to build it), Cream City Law provides effective legal guidance and impactful advocacy.

The law firm’s founder, Brady Henderson, has served as both an award-winning prosecutor and award-winning civil rights lawyer, handling challenging and high-stakes cases since 2006. Brady litigates cases in multiple jurisdictions, in both state and federal courts, and has been part of important and high-profile cases for over a decade. To learn more about our founder, click here.

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Areas of Practice

Cream City Law is a full-service general practice firm, offering strategic and holistic solutions to a variety of common legal needs and challenges. Below, you will find unique areas of law where the firm maintains special focus and provides uncommon expertise.

civil rights

The protection of your civil rights and liberties is, quite simply, the most important kind of law we practice. We represent diverse clients in cases ranging from racial or religious discrimination to free speech and protester’s rights. Our founder has experience handling high-profile religious freedom and racial justice cases, as well as combating mistreatment by public officers and officials in policing, jails, schools, and other institutions. Civil rights cases are handled in both state and federal courts, and at times can include defending against criminal prosecutions. In addition to direct civil rights cases, our firm works in many other related areas that deal directly with equality and fairness for our clients, such as LGBT+ family law, disability law, and school law.

open records and government transparency

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), open records laws, and open meeting acts are essential tools to hold government officials and agencies of all sizes accountable to the people they are sworn to serve. At Cream City Law, we believe that those tools can and should be used assertively by press, citizens, organizations, and businesses. Our founder has litigated many major open records cases at both trial and appellate stages, representing both media and ordinary citizens. We maintain exceptional expertise in resolving claims of privilege or confidentiality, as well as filing and successfully prosecuting open records lawsuits when necessary.

Disability law

Our firm chiefly handles cases dealing with discrimination, such as public accommodation cases. Having a disability should never mean a loss of access to the important places, activities, and opportunities that define and enrich our communities. We have experience working with diverse clients and dealing with discrimination or ADA violations by both businesses and government institutions. For more about our special focus on schools, please see “School Law,” below.

School law & Students’ rights

Schools are among the most important institutions in our communities. Unfortunately the rights of students, faculty, staff, or families are not always respected. Our firm represents those impacted by abuse, discrimination, or due process violations in public schools and universities. These cases can be particularly important for students who have, or need, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Both state and federal law provide powerful protections for the rights of students and families. Our founder is both an experienced advocate in school law and disability cases and the father of a special needs student who benefits from an IEP.

LGBT+ Family law

Family law issues are always challenging, but those in our diverse LGBTQIA+ communities often face added barriers to fair treatment and equitable results. Competent representation by a lawyer experienced in fighting for the rights of gay, lesbian, and transgender clients can be essential for your success. Our founder, Brady Henderson, has fought and won numerous high-profile battles for LGBTQIA+ individuals in both trial and appellate courts, helping to defeat bans on same-sex marriage, prohibition on name changes for transgender applicants, and establishing new recognition of the rights of non-biological parents in same sex families. He maintains a special focus on complex LGBTQIA+ family law issues and cases in both Wisconsin and Oklahoma.

General civil and business litigation

Whether it be business or personal, having competent, compassionate, and cost-effective representation is essential for surviving litigation with your livelihood and sanity intact. We handle all manner of civil cases and disputes requiring litigation in administrative, trial, or appellate courts, as well as encouraging effective use of alternate dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. Our approach focuses on creating and maintaining solid strategic planning, defense in depth, and keeping options open, so that our clients can quickly get to the best practical outcome in the most cost-effective way possible. We particularly focus on providing services tailored to meet the needs of small business owners, professionals, and non-profit organizations.



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